Ron Drew

Ron Drew is your guy on 98.7 WNLC each weekday from 10A – 2P including the “Ten at Ten” and “Back to Work Blues”.
A rock radio vet of more than 30 years, Ron grew up in Boston and New Hampshire where he got his start on the air.

“I wanted to be a radio announcer when I was a little kid. I was the weirdo with speakers in the window blasting music out into the neighborhood.”

Starting as an unpaid intern answering phones for the afternoon jock on a rock station, Ron began his career in 1984. Since then he has held many positions in radio from the Lakes Region of New Hampshire to the North Shore of Massachusetts to right here in Southeastern Connecticut. Ron is an award winning broadcaster, producer and manager.

“I love that 98.7 WNLC is a station that combines music from the decades I spent on rock radio. The Classic Rock of the 70’s, the British New Wave invasion and the hair bands of the 80’s, the grunge of the 90’s on into the 2000’s. It’s a great mix that I never get tired of.”

Catch the midday with Ron Drew. The “Ten at Ten” comes to you each weekday morning. He’ll take you back to a great year in rock with ten songs from one year (some you may not have heard since that year) plus what was going on in the world.  “Back to Work Blues” is at 1P. Finished with your lunch, get back to work with a nice long set of blues that rock.