Albert King...Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Posted by Dan O'Brien on 4/26/2013 2:46:00 PM.
I was asked recently who Albert King was and why was he inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year.My first reaction was "what planet have you been living on these past years" but then realized that unless you were a guitar player or blues freak, you may not know.Albert was one of the most important blues guitarists ever and a major influence for most of the 60s and 70s super star players including,Clapton,Green and especially Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix.Albert was a big,big dude, 6'5" and 250 lbs who played a Gibson Flying V guitar flipped upside down because he was a lefty...To say the least, there wasnt anything subtle about Alberts sound!! He played with a minimum of notes but featured mean,powerful, crushing licks and violent overbends that would demand you sit still and listen ....OR ELSE!...Albert was one the first of the blues masters to cross over into the rock world,headlining at the Fillmore's and other rock clubs in the mid to late 60s,paving the way for all the other Chicago slingers.Albert was the first to bring the blues to the soul music scene,recording a number of records for the legendary Stax Records in Memphis,often using Booker T and the MGs as his backup band.Alberts bonecrunching minimalism is evident in allmost all Classic Rock guitar playing...Stevie Ray Vaughn idolized the big man and the song "Texas Flood," has Alberts technique smeared all over it.....I hear AK's signature licks all over the songs we play on WNLC,he influenced everyone...I often tell my guitar students every great player MUST take Albert King 101, to be a real player....Albert often bragged about his great friend Jimi Hendrix and must have been flattered that Mr Jimi had co-opted so much of his style....Somewhere,somehow,Im  sure they are jamming on the otherside of the Rainbow Bridge...if you listen hard!............. Dan O Brien

Burton Cummings at Wolf Den
Posted by Dan O'Brien on 4/9/2013 2:37:00 PM.
If your looking for something to do this Saturday night, Ive got the perfect recipe! Burton Cummings(for mer lead singer of the Guess Who) is playing the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun.The FREE show begins at 8pm...We all know the great masterpieces churned out by the GW in the 60s-70s(Undun,No Time,American Woman,Hand Me Down World..ect) and Burton has had a terrific solo career putting out a number of critically acclaimed solo LPs over the years. Cummings, is considered one of Rocks all time great vocalists and having seen him last year in concert,I can attest that  he can still "bring it" and is the consummate entertainer.He is backed by one of Canada's finest bands The Carpet  Frogs,and they do the Guess Who material as good,if not better than the original band.....So...there you go, Saturday night,spring weather...a little dinner,a few games and a great show...Perfect!....Burton Cummings and the Carpet Frogs at the Wolf Den,Sat Apr 13th 8pm......See you there!

Posted by Dan O'Brien on 3/26/2013 2:15:00 PM.
Breakfast With the Beatles returns Saturday at 8am with more music and stories behind the scenes from the Fab Four!...We will feature,among others, a song that John and Paul thought was "rubbish" but became a huge hit...also,a classic from 1965 that gave the boys so much trouble in the studio,that they had to record it at a fast speed and then slow it down to get the right sound...and a song that Paul wrote, trying to  "one-up" John's version on the same topic!...Talk about "sibling rivalry"...All this and more Saturday at 8am with Breakfast With the Beatles on 98.7 WNLC......dob

Breakfast With The Beatles
Posted by Dan O'Brien on 3/18/2013 2:28:00 PM.
Make sure youre listening Saturday March 23rd at 8am as we kickoff our brand new feature Breakfast With The Beatles hosted by yours truly.We will be featuring the landmark LP Rubber Soul, one of the most important records in the history of contemporary music and the album that was a launching pad for the entire Progressive Rock movement!..Make plans to join us Saturday March 23rd at 8am for Breakfast With The Beatles(we will bring the maple syrup) exclusively on 98.7 WNLC......Dan O Brien..

Posted by Dan O'Brien on 3/14/2013 3:41:00 PM.
Recently,as I was suiting up for a hockey game, one of my teammates bemoaned the fact that the Beatles seemed to be disappearing from the radio..On the ride home I came to the conclusion that my friend was right and that we could help out here.Chris Dillon and I discussed this and decided that we were going to take some steps to make sure the "Fab Four" keep their rightly place on the airwaves at least here in SE Conn.Starting Thursday March 13 we will feature our Thursday Beatle Block at 4:30.Each and every Thurs we will feature at least 3 songs by the Beatle and urge you to send your requests via our Facebook WNLC.Stand by for more Beatle features coming up soon...We aim to be your station for The Beatles,Classic Hits 98.7 WNLC................Dan O Brien

Eric Clapton and his legacy
Posted by Dan O'Brien on 3/6/2013 2:21:00 PM.
Eric Clapton said in an interview recently, that he is considering calling it a day (as far as touring goes) within a few years.I must admit,the story caught me just a bit off guard..The notion of the great Clapton approaching age 70 set me to ponder the enormous impact the guitar player has had  over  last the six decades.Whether you love him or hate his music,Eric defined the modern guitar sound!!...The sound that virtually everyone who picks up an electric 6 string emulates,know it or not.If Eric is remembered for one thing it must be the fact that he first married a Gibson Les Paul (with humbucking pickups) to a Marshall amp(JTM45 in a 2x12 combo) channelling that wonderfully robust,harmonically dense overdrive and distortion that we now see as mainstream.The irony was that Eric was trying to imitate the Chicago blues sound of guitarists like Freddy King,Otis Rush and Buddy Guy when he bought the Les Paul,the same guitar that King had on one of his album covers.Almost accidentally, when plugged into the Marshall(a Fender Bassman clone) the thick,beautiful overdrive coupled with a blues style similar to King,Rush and Guy,started a guitar revolution that still reverberates..EVERY guitarist worth his mojo,from Hendrix and Page to Duane Allman,Billy Gibbons and Richie Blackmore raced to keep pace.In 1966 the young Clapton recorded the Bluesbreaker album with John Mayall.It was on this LP that Eric debuted this "new" sound that shook up the world!..Many guitar slingers feel this album is EC's finest and evergreen effort  and I must agree.A club player for many years,the "Bluesbreaker sound" to me is still the muse and I probably listen to the record at least a couple times a month, even now...I know every lick by heart but its that "sound" that still gets me!!.....I was going up to a Bruins game a couple of weeks ago with an old college friend and dropped in the Bluesbreaker CD in the car player.My friend had never heard it before and was so taken back by the sheer power of the album, that he vowed to pick it up the very next week..."Dont bother,"I said..."keep it"..I didnt mention I had four other copies,two of which were vinyl! The Bluesbreakers,John Mayall with Eric Clapton,1966....This record changed everything.........Thanks Eric...... ......Dan OBrien WNLC radio....

Why Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac changed American music
Posted by Dan O'Brien on 2/26/2013 5:18:00 PM.
The original Fleetwood Mac was first and foremost, a super charged blues outfit that boasted three world class guitar slingers.Peter Green,a legend for many players was arguably  Britains finest blues players ever(sorry EC),Danny Kirwan,who was nearly Green's equal and Jeremy Spencer who played slide with the fury of the great Elmore James.This high octane blues unit was so good that after their first American tour,Duane Allman decided to leave session work and put a band together...That band was the Allman Brothers Band,calling in brother Gregg,from the west coast to handle vocals and keys. Carlos Santana was so into Green's guitar work that he emulated his stylings..Carlos' favorite Green song was a riveting instrumental called "The Supernatural"....Sound familiar?!One could even stretch a bit to make a case that the "Southern Rock" thang was nothing more than "The Mac" with a twang and a cowboy hat...........More later...Dan O Brien..

Fleetwood Mac... Cool?
Posted by Dan O'Brien on 2/26/2013 3:44:00 PM.

The original Fleetwood Mac was a blues band that boasted 3 of the best guitarists ever:
Peter Green who is the greatest British blues player.
Danny Kirwan who was head and shoulders with Greenie.
And Jeremy Spencer who played slide just like the iconic E
lmore James.
The original Mac was so awe inspiring, that after they toured the states the first time, Duane Allman decided to leave studio work and put together a rocket fueled blues band just like the Mac!..
He called in his brother Greg to play keys and sing lead. That band was of course The Allman Bros Band..
Meanwhile,Carlos Santana is so captivated by Peter Green's playing he starts imitating Greens style...He is especially in love with a Green song called The Supernatural.....sound familiar?
The Original Mac changed the whole rock landscape... That is the definition of cool!...
~Dan O Brien

Read the original article here from Guitar Planet Magazine

Alice Cooper Says Most Modern Rock Bands Are
Posted by Dan O'Brien on 2/26/2013 3:33:00 PM.

ALICE COOPER isn't all that impressed with what's passing for "rock 'n' roll" these days. He thinks that the rock spirit is about breaking the mold . . . and too many of today's bands are assimilating into the mainstream.

--He tells Cincinnati's "City Beat", quote, "My pet peeve right now is that 80% to 90% of the modern rock bands are just testosterone-free. I am listening to these bands and going, 'Where's the spark? Where's the fire?'

--"These bands are whining like crazy. It's like they're trying not to be rock stars.

--"If you're in a rock band, you get in a rock band to be something different. I guess modern rock bands really just want to blend in and I think it's the most boring time in rock right now that I've ever seen."

--There are a FEW exceptions, but not many. He adds, quote, "Jack White is amazing. The Foo Fighters are amazing . . . but when I see 99% of the other bands up there I say those bands can be anybody.

--"I just don't get the fact that everybody is so against having image."

I'd agree. There are some great new rock bands, but there aren't many contemporary groups that are kicking in their own doors, and turning the world upside down. There seems to be a lack of free spirits, and dangerousness. ~D O'Brien

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