Chris Dillon

Chris is h
ost of the "WNLC Morning Show", one of the longest running morning shows in the marketBorn in Atlanta, Georgia and a child of the 70's Chris grew up with Slinky's, Stretch Armstrong and Mr. Microphone.

Chris started his radio career in 2002 working in the news department at  WICH, 97.7 WCTY and WKNL before moving to Classic Hits 98.7 WNLC in 2005.

Before life in broadcasting, Chris was an aircraft mechanic in the U.S. Navy (VXE-6) from 1993 to 1997 and spent time in New Zealand, Hawaii, Antarctica (where he met his wife, true story) and other totally cool places around the globe. Chris previously worked for Applied Materials in the semiconductor industry and at Intel in Hudson, MA before pursuing his love of broadcasting.

When Chris was in high school he was a band geek! He started working at age 15 and when he wasn't marching in the band I was a cook at an awesome neighborhood steak house called Ernie's in Marietta, GA.

Chris and his wife Donnel have a daughter born in 2010. Chris moved to Connecticut from Chicago in 2000 and lives in Connecticut's quiet corner with with his family and adopted cat "Roger".

Chris's Loves are: "Family, faith, the United States military, pizza, Tom Petty, R.E.M. his Jeep Wrangler, the Chicago Bears and Cubs, Mohegan Sun, his 60 inch TV, the Golden Girls, playing poker, UCONN basketball, USF Football (his wife's alma-mater), and last but not least, laughing his a** off!
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