Alice Cooper Says Most Modern Rock Bands Are
Posted by Dan O'Brien on 2/26/2013 3:33:00 PM.

ALICE COOPER isn't all that impressed with what's passing for "rock 'n' roll" these days. He thinks that the rock spirit is about breaking the mold . . . and too many of today's bands are assimilating into the mainstream.

--He tells Cincinnati's "City Beat", quote, "My pet peeve right now is that 80% to 90% of the modern rock bands are just testosterone-free. I am listening to these bands and going, 'Where's the spark? Where's the fire?'

--"These bands are whining like crazy. It's like they're trying not to be rock stars.

--"If you're in a rock band, you get in a rock band to be something different. I guess modern rock bands really just want to blend in and I think it's the most boring time in rock right now that I've ever seen."

--There are a FEW exceptions, but not many. He adds, quote, "Jack White is amazing. The Foo Fighters are amazing . . . but when I see 99% of the other bands up there I say those bands can be anybody.

--"I just don't get the fact that everybody is so against having image."

I'd agree. There are some great new rock bands, but there aren't many contemporary groups that are kicking in their own doors, and turning the world upside down. There seems to be a lack of free spirits, and dangerousness. ~D O'Brien

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