Norwich non-profit agencies who missed a deadline to declare their property tax exempt status are getting a reprieve. A bill passed in the General Assembly gives them until August 1st to renew their status. Eighteen agencies failed to meet the deadline and will have to pay a late fee before their status is reevaluated by the assessor.


June 4th will be the day North Stonington residents will vote on the budget. The fiscal plan is $19.9 million, $13.5 million of it for schools. It increases the mill rate by 7/10ths of a mill to 28.7 mills. Residents can talk about the budget before the referendum at a town meeting Monday, May 23rd.


State House Democratic leaders are pleased about the just-concluded legislative session. Majority leader Matt Ritter says the biggest accomplishment is getting a bipartisan budget agreement reached before the scheduled late Wednesday night adjournment.  House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz says lawmakers accomplished a lot this session, including pay equity for women, more transparency in prescription drug programs, and preservation of transportation funding. He says there are some disappointments, such as failing to enact updates to the state’s sexual harassment and assault laws  Aresimowicz expects the legislation to be one of the top priorities next year.  House GOP leader Themis Klarides says she really wanted to see lawmakers approve car tax relief, but it just didn’t happen.  She says has to focus on reducing the size of government if it wants to realize significant long-term savings but overall Republicans were generally happy with the budget adjustments.